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Why Professional Listing Photos Are Important!

There are a lot of real estate agents who do not hire professional photographers. Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates doesn’t agree. Here are his thoughts on why you absolutely must use a professional photographer for your listing photos.

Ten years ago, when the internet was just starting to be used in real estate, photographs didn’t matter as much. However, today there’s a lot more competition in the form of Zillow, Redfin,, etc.

Unfortunately, the mindset that photos don’t matter still exists in real estate today, and it’s simply not the case. Photographs matter!

We now live in a 160-character world. Most buyers are under the age of 40. They’ve grown up with the fast-paced, skim-and-move-on mentality.

What gets real estate website viewers to pause is great photos.

You might have a stunning, gorgeous house, but if you failed on the photography, buyers will scroll right on through.

It’s simple: The more eyes that stop on your listing photos equals more people who come to the property. The more buyers who like the home will bring more — and better — offers for your seller.

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